Spring Cleaning for your Windows

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Spring is here in Berkley, CA and with it comes the urge to tidy things up and get ready for the warmer weather. One thing on your to-do list is probably to clean windows. All that build up from winter dirt and debris not only looks bad, but can also make windows difficult to operate. The last thing you want is permanent damage. So here are a few supplies you need along with steps to follow for cleaning your windows this spring.  


Supplies for Window Cleaning 


Here is what you need: 


Mild detergent 

Dry towel 

Generic glass cleaner 

Lint free cloths 

Plastic putty knife 

Soft bristle brush 

Silicone lubricant 



Do not use: 

Pressure washer 

Razor blades 

Abrasive cleaners 

Solvents or nail polish remover 

Cleaners with chlorine bleach 

Furniture polish 

Liquid grease removers  


Step 1. Clean the Frame 

Once you have assembled your supplies, remove the sashes and screens for easy access to all window surfaces. Use a sponge, warm water, and your mild detergent to wash the frames. Remove dirt and rinse with clean water. Do not let water pool in the frames. Use a towel to dry the area as quickly as possible.  


Step 2. Clean the Glass 

Next, get out your generic glass cleaner and your lint-free cloths. Spray cleaner directly on the glass and wipe away immediately. Again, do not let cleaner drip down the glass. It can pool inside the frame and cause problems down the road. Also, do not use metal scrapers or other abrasives for tough spots. These could damage the glass coatings. Instead, just spray the glass cleaner and use a soft bristle brush or plastic putty knife. Tip: for a streak-free clean, many professionals suggest using newspaper instead of cloth.  


Step 3. Clean and Lube the Tracks 

Use your vacuum to remove loose debris. Then, use a dry cloth to wipe down the tracks. If something is stuck in the track, try removing it with the plastic putty knife or the soft bristle brush. Once clear, lubricate the track with your silicone spray. But don’t spray directly on the track. Overspray could get on the frame or the glass and you will have to start all over. Instead, spray the lubricant onto the cloth, then wipe down the jamb liner and track.  


Step 4. Clean the Screens 

Once the rest of the window is clean, the last step is cleaning the screens. For this, you want to lay your screens out on a flat surface outside or prop them up in the shower. Be careful not to rip or damage the screens. Use the mild soap and the soft brush to remove tough dirt on both sides. Then rinse the screens with clear water and set them up to dry. Again, do not use a pressure washer or special nozzle on the hose. It could damage your window screens.  


Call A-Taylor Made Window Today 

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