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Choosing the Right Replacement Window Contractor in Concord, CA

Shopping for any type of product for your home, especially items that are going to last a long time and have a direct impact on your comfort as well as the quality of your house, should begin at the right company. The right window contractor is going to be essential when it comes to replacement windows for your Concord home.

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However, trying to find the ideal window contractor can seem to be a complicated process, especially if you have no prior experience with it. We have put together five easy steps that you can take that will help you narrow down your choices to help you find not only the right window contractor, but somebody that you can trust and a company that will provide the support that you need and deserve now and well into the future.

1. Know what you want.

This may sound simplistic, but it is essential that when you are shopping around for replacement windows, you have a general idea of what you want. That means you should sit down and figure out which windows in your home are most important to have replaced first. That can have a direct impact on not only the quality of windows that you choose, but it will also help you focus on priorities.

While it is always best and most cost effective to replace all of the windows in your house at once, this is and always practical for all homeowners. Some homeowners are going to be on a limited budget which means that they may only be able to replace half of their windows at a time.

You may find that you spend a significant portion of time in a family room or den reading, watching TV, or just spending time entertaining friends and family. You may have a very old picture window that is not only drafty, it has been painted over at least a dozen times through the years. The quality of that window is so poor that you can’t seem to do enough to clean it. The paint is peeling off the sill and you have just got so frustrated with it that you keep the blinds or curtains closed over for most of the day.

This would probably be a priority window for you. Also, maybe your bedroom windows are poor quality. If they are double hung windows and you get tired of missing out on an incredible view that exists from there, you may want to consider replacing the double hung windows with a gorgeous bay or bow window.

As long as you take some time to consider which windows are the highest priority for you at the beginning, it will help you narrow down your searches and find the right company.

2. Get a list of the window contractors in your area.

There are going to be many different window and door specialists operating throughout the Concord area. You can find a list of these by searching online, or looking through the Yellow Pages. While the Yellow Pages are slowly becoming a thing of the past, they also have online directories that can help you determine which companies can serve your area.

A-Taylor Made Windows is just one of the many window contractors that operate in the area. Try not to limit yourself to just one company on your list from the beginning. Even though a-Taylor Made Windows is one of the best, you want to make sure that you choose the best one for you. That means selecting a number of potential companies to look into.

3. What to avoid.

Once you have your list of potential window companies, know the right questions to ask. First, you want to discuss quality. Asked the company sales representative how important quality is to them. This includes not only the products that they sell (which should be some of the best manufactured replacement windows on the market) but also their customer support and installation services.

You should avoid any company that doesn’t have installers on staff. If a company does not have any installers, then they will likely send you a private independent contractor. This might not be a bad idea for some, but you want to make sure that the installer who is coming to your home is representing the company and the company’s best interest, which is to ensure that the windows are installed properly and that you are treated with the utmost respect and dignity.

You should also avoid companies that use slick sales tactics such as telling you that a particular sale is going to and in the next day or two unless you make a decision fast. You should never feel pressured by a replacement window company into making a decision. This is a very important home improvement project and it deserves the time that you should devote to it to consider all of your options.

4. Questions to ask.

Ask about warranties. You should know what kind of warranties exist on the replacement windows you are about to purchase. You should also ask about their involvement with you and your family in the installation process as well as after installation is complete.

For example, if you have a question about functionality of the windows you just purchased and had installed, and the company does not return your call because they don’t believe there is any value in it for them any longer, this can be very frustrating for you.

Make sure that you feel comfortable with the individual you speak to. Also make sure that they stand behind their products and installation 100 percent.

5. The importance of comfort.

It is absolutely essential that you are comfortable with the home improvement contractor you work with. That means the window company that you choose should make you feel at home and not pressure into making any decision you’re not ready to make.

If that sounds like the ideal company for you, contact a-Taylor Made Windows and you will see what separates the best from all the rest.

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