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All door materials have distinct advantages.


Entry doors are made of various materials these days — wood, woodclad and fiberglass. Each one offers comfort, security and other benefits, and your A-Taylor Made Window consultant will help you determine which is best suited to you and your needs.

Wood entry doors

The richness and elegance of natural wood grain is always eye-catching. Traditional and many contemporary architectural styles call for wooden doors, and A-Taylor Made Window offers handsome styles in mahogany, walnut, oak, alder, cherry, juniper and specialty hardwoods.

Steel-encased entry doors

Sturdy steel-clad doors with a core of foam insulation help keep the weather outdoors, where it belongs. Due to the strength of the material, steel doors typically have superior locking capability to withstand forced entry attempts.

Fire-rated doors

Fire-rated doors offer protection from disaster, with ratings indicated in time frames. We offer fire-rated doors that are certified to protect against flames for 20, 45, 60 or 90 minutes, even as long as three hours. Fire-rated doors can save lives while reducing structural damage by resisting the spread of fire.

Fiberglass-encased entry doors

Many of today’s weather-resistant fiberglass doors appear indistinguishable from hardwood doors, yet they can furnish two or three times the insulation value of wood doors. They’re available in smooth, woodgrain and distressed textures, with various types of visual accents. And unlike steel doors, fiberglass doors do not conduct and radiate heat or cold. The real hidden beauty of fiberglass doors is the low maintenance they require.


Let an a-TaylorMade Window consultant discuss all the benefits of replacing doors, show you the many styles of doors from which you can choose, and introduce you to the well-regarded manufacturers whose products we recommend and install.

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