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Window Replacement in San Rafael, CA

If you have been wondering whether replacement windows are right for you and your San Rafael home right now. Then, if you look for a window replacement in San Rafael, CA, you’ve come to the right place. You could be looking for a variety of signs to indicate whether you should make this investment or wait.

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The main concern for most San Rafael homeowners is that replacement window is a significant investment. It can cost several thousand dollars for you to replace all of the windows in your home. The average house contains approximately 14 windows and when you consider that the average cost per window can range between $250 to $700, depending on the size and style, it is easy to see just how much money this home improvement project will cost.

8 Reasons Replacement Windows is the Right Decision for Your San Rafael, CA Home

You may have talked it over with your family, friends, or even neighbors who you know have also replace the windows in their home recently and have gotten a variety of opinions. Some people will look at your windows from the outside of your house and consider that they don’t look all that bad.

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However, from inside your home, you may be disappointed in the condition, quality, and even the age of your windows. Perhaps there is a crack in one or two windows that you never had replaced. Maybe you painted over the frame of the window when it got too dirty or didn’t look so good anymore. Now you have several coats of paint that make it look even worse.

Below are eight reasons why replacement windows may very well be the right decision for your San Rafael home right now. In fact, any of these reasons could be the best one for you.

1. Better energy efficiency.

When you increase the energy efficiency in your home, you will be saving money on your utility bill bills throughout the year. That includes during the winter months when it gets cool at night or even during the day as well as throughout the summer months. Just imagine saving an average of $20 a month throughout the year on your utility bills. That is reason enough to consider replacement windows right now.

2. Improved style for your home.

Your home is your proverbial castle. It is a place where you go after a long day of work just to relax and unwind. It is where you want to feel safe and comfortable.

However, if you keep the window blinds or curtains closed because of poor quality windows, or you are sick of looking at the dirty frame or cracked glass, it is going to directly impact how comfortable you feel at home.

With brand new replacement windows, you will actually feel more comfortable in your home because not only will you be more inclined to open the blinds and curtains, you will spend more time in rooms that may have been forgotten in recent years.

Also, if you choose to add low e film coating to your windows, it will cut down on the amount of ultraviolet radiation that gets into your home from direct sunlight. This will help you stay cooler and you won’t be as hot when you are enjoying the direct sunlight surrounding you.

3. Better curb appeal.

Even if you are not considering selling your home shortly, curb appeal is an important factor for many homeowners. How your house looks from the road can impact how you feel when you pull in the driveway.
With better curb appeal, you will look forward to coming home more often.

4. Increased value.

Few home improvement projects can actually increase the value of your house. Replacement windows and doors are one of those projects. When you choose the right replacement windows or doors for your San Rafael home, you will be increasing its value.

It doesn’t matter if you’re not planning on selling anytime soon, because that increased value will carry over for several years.

5. A $1,500 tax credit.

The federal government offers a $1,500 tax credit to qualified homeowners who replace their old, inefficient windows with energy-efficient ones. You may qualify for this tax credit and that can save you a fair amount of money on your taxes next year. It is best to consult a window expert to find out if you qualify for this tax credit. If you do, that is just one more great reason why replacement windows would be the right decision for your home right now.

6. It is better for the environment.

When you choose energy-efficient windows, you are going to be reducing your carbon footprint, which means that you will be consuming fewer natural resources in the form of electricity, oil, or natural gas.

Any time that you can save energy is going to benefit the world around you.

7. The heat will return.

Even though it may be heading into winter or coming out of it, the summer heat will return eventually. When it does, you are going to feel the full brunt of it once again.

If you add low e film coating to your windows, you will be keeping cooler throughout the summer. That will help you reduce your utility bills because you won’t have to run the air conditioning nearly as often.

8. Easier maintenance.

Brand new replacement windows are generally much easier to keep clean and maintain than windows manufactured 20 or 30 years ago. When windows are easier to maintain, you will be more inclined to keep them clean and make sure that they stay in great shape. That will help them last even longer, which will increase the return on your investment well into the future.

If you need more reasons why replacement windows are the right decision for your home right now, contact a-Taylor Made Window today.

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