Myths about Window Replacements

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replacement windows in Berkeley, CA

If you’ve been giving some thought to replacing your windows, you will likely have done a bit of research. In fact, you might have even fallen for one of the myths about replacement windows near Berkeley, CA, and aren’t sure what to believe now. Fortunately for you, many of the warnings you hear against window replacement are myths. Instead of heeding them, you should give window replacement some more thought and continue doing research to determine what sort of new windows will suit you and your home. Below are a few common myths about window replacements that have been debunked.

“You can’t do window replacements in winter”

This particular myth has been spread around for years now. There are some people who will try to tell you that window replacement should not, or cannot, take place in the winter. However, the truth is that you can – and possibly should – consider replacing your windows in the winter. Most window companies are not very busy during the wintertime, which will allow them to dedicate the majority of their time and energy to upgrading your windows. They are also more likely to offer you better prices on new window installments once winter comes around. During winter installment, the rooms where work will be done are closed off from the rest of your home to minimize temperature changes. The working crew will have one member inside and one outside to ensure no debris is tracked in or out of the house. Your home will be exposed to the outdoors for less than 10 minutes while the old window is removed and the new one is put in.

Don’t let the falling temperature fool you; window replacements can be done during any time of the year.

“Anyone can replace their own windows”

You should only get your windows replaced by professionals. A large variety of issues, such as improper alignment, poor insulation, and even damage to the window frame can all occur when someone inexperienced attempts window installation on their own. You’ll be able to avoid wasting money on damages or improper installation by hiring a professional. Unless you have plenty of experience in home improvement, leave the work to the pros.

“Wood windows are the best ones available”

It is true that wood was once the main material for windows, but vinyl windows are actually superior to wood ones in many ways. To begin with, while wood tends to swell with moisture and may rot or grow mold from dampness, vinyl replacement windows made of un-plasticized PVC are designed to be water-resistant, safe and strong. An additional benefit is that vinyl windows don’t need regular maintenance like wood windows do.

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“Window installation can damage the structure of your home”

Some homeowners are under the false assumption that the installation and replacement of windows comes with tearing of the exterior side as well. Experts claim that all windows are customized for installation or replacement, which means that they can be made to fit the existing size of your home’s window frame. As long as you hire window replacement services from a licensed and professional business, they will know how to expertly remove the old window from the frame and install the customized one without damaging your home.

If you have decided to install replacement windows and live near Berkeley, CA, then you should consider A-Taylor Made Window.

Reasons to Replace Your Windows

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replacement windows near Richmond, CA

It’s a subject you may not think about too often, but something to keep in mind is the state of your windows. When was the last time you assessed the condition of them? If it’s been years, you might want to look into getting them upgraded. Now that winter is upon us, there is no better time to make sure your home is properly insulated.

Naturally, this is not the only reason you may want to replace your windows. Here are a few others to keep in mind if you are looking into replacement windows near Richmond, CA.

Energy Efficiency

Among construction professionals, window replacement is one of the common recommendations to improve energy efficiency. A study on the energy performance of residential windows revealed that they reduce annual heating and cooling costs by 22%.

Safety and Security

Windows serve as both an entry and exit point into your home, so ones that don’t open or lock correctly pose a risk to your security and safety. A potential burglar may look for signs of your windows being vulnerable, which include:

  • Older windows that are in need of paint or look worn. This could be an easy fix, but if the window is warped or doesn’t shut correctly, then it’s probably time to replace it.
  • Cracks or breaks in the glass, corrosion on metal frames, and rot on wooden frames. These can all weaken the strength of the window.

Your windows need to be able to open and close properly for the safety of you, your loved ones and guests. This is especially true in the event of an emergency such as a fire, where a window might be your only possible exit.


You might have gotten the feeling that it’s simply time to give your home a new look. If you plan to move at some point in the future, it would be wise to invest in sprucing up your home now, windows included. You should feel comfortable where you live, and that includes enjoying the way your home looks and feels. Some popular window styles that fall under growing trends are casement, awning and picture windows. You also might want new windows if you are trying to restore your home to how it looked originally. Getting replacement windows installed will allow you to replicate the look.


Any defects or problems with your windows are the most important indicators that it is time to replace them. If you need help identifying defects in your windows, here are four that indicate your windows require replacement:

  • Frequent drafts
  • Water intrusion
  • Cracks or rot
  • Condensation

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Many people decide to replace their windows because they believe they’ve gotten old. Some window dealers may suggest that you replace them 10 or 15 years, but you don’t necessarily have to. If you are planning to have your windows last longer than 10-15 years, then proper maintenance is the key.

If you like the sound of replacement windows and live near Richmond, CA, then A-Taylor Made Window is a great choice.

Finding Ideal Replacement Windows near San Francisco, CA

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replacement windows near San Francisco, CA

The choice to replace old windows can not only enhance your home’s appearance, but also make it quieter and less drafty. The main issue, however, is narrowing down your options and trying to determine what kind of new windows you plan to install. You will need to consider a few factors to make sure that your new, updated windows blend into your already existing home while also functioning as intended. A major contributing factor to this is professional installation, especially if you have an older home where your window frames may have shifted over time and are no longer squared off on the corners. You should consider the following information if you are planning to get replacement windows near San Francisco, CA.

Frame Materials

Windows made of solid wood are becoming increasingly less common on the market, and people are instead gravitating towards wood-look vinyl windows. They are also flocking to wood-look composite frames can be made of fiberglass, or a combination of wood and plastic. There are three types of frames to consider:

  • Wood – Window frames made of solid wood. Their exterior is covered with either aluminum or vinyl to protect against the elements and reduce maintenance, and will not need to be repainted. There is a variety of hardware finishes you can choose from, which allows you to find a style that matches your home.
  • VinylFrames made of vinyl, they are usually the least expensive and don’t have to be painted or stained. Vinyl frames are typically white and most cannot be painted, so make sure to remember this if you plan on coordinating your windows with the color of the paint on the outside. There are not as many options for vinyl frames.
  • Composite – Composite frames are made of fiberglass or a combination of materials, and do not have to be painted or stained in most cases. They may have parts made of both solid and laminated wood, or plastic with embedded wood fibers. Typically, the combination is used to give the appearance of a solid wood window, while also trying to make the underlying structure more stable than that of solid wood. Placing fiberglass needles in plastic, which makes them stronger and stiffer than vinyl, makes fiberglass windows.

Window Types

There are even more options to consider among the types of windows available. Listed below is a few which describe their differences and unique properties.

  • Double-hung – The most common type of window in homes built in the 1980’s and onward. The lower inside sash and upper outside sash sliding in opposite directions improves air circulation and makes full screens ideal. Double-hung windows are easy to clean and a good choice if you are going to install an air conditioner.
  • Casement-style – Provide an unobstructed view and are hinged on one side, with a crank that allows them to open outward. They allow good ventilation when fully open and are easy to clean. While casement-style tend to be more airtight than double-hung windows, air conditioners cannot be installed in them.
  • Fixed – Fixed windows are airtight and available in many shapes and decorative glass accents. They are used in areas where lighting is important, but not ventilation.
  • Single-hung – Only the bottom sash can be moved, and they usually cost less because of this. The top one is sealed to keep cold air and water out.

replacement windows near San Francisco CA

If you are planning to buy replacement windows and live near San Francisco, CA, look no further than A-Taylor Made Window.

Benefits to Replacing Your Windows

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replacement windows in the San Francisco, CA

Windows are not just made of basic wooden frames and single-pane glass anymore. Today, they are capable of doing more than letting light and fresh air into our home. Technological advances now provide homeowners with several benefits for customizing their windows, such as sound reduction and enhanced energy efficiency. You may want to read the following if you are looking for replacement windows in the San Francisco, CA area.

Increased home value

It should come to no surprise that there are significant costs associated with home improvement projects and upgrades, but homeowners will not have to worry in knowing that window replacement projects can have a very beneficial result. According to the Remodeling 2020 Cost vs. Value Report, new vinyl windows can give back over 73% of the project cost to homeowners upon resale. Some potential homebuyers might be put off if they know that a home’s windows need to or are close to needing replacement. If you haven’t come to a decision about upgrading the windows in your home, you should not wait until you’re ready to sell, but instead enjoy the benefits of updated windows while you are living there, and then enjoy the return in your investment.

Enhanced home security and safety

Windows that can’t be opened easily or have been painted shut are more than just an annoyance – they can be a safety hazard, such as when trying to escape during a fire. New operable wood, fiberglass or vinyl windows can provide homeowners with fresh air in addition to having improved functionality that can benefit the safety of your family as well. Newer windows also come with enhanced security options, including up-to-date locks and security sensors, giving homeowners additional comfort in their security.

Reduced dust and allergens

Among the conveniences of modern windows is the inclusion of between-the-glass blinds and shades. Securely placed between the panes of glass inside a window frame, these blinds and shades are protected from dust, which helps to allow fewer indoor allergens in your home and lessen the amount of time spent cleaning your window coverings. As an additional bonus, between-the-glass blinds and shades are cordless, making them safe and out of the reach of pets and children.

Improved home comfort

You can reduce the amount of cold drafts and hot spots in your home with energy-efficient, well-sealed replacement windows. Argon gas between the glass of dual or triple-pane windows helps prevent heat transfer and also reduces the amount of ultraviolet rays that come into your home. Properly installed replacement windows form a tight seal with your home that prevent any air leaks. Upgraded windows can also help keep climate-controlled air in and make your home more consistently comfortable, helping to lower your energy costs in the long run.

replacement windows in the San Francisco CA

Improved energy efficiency

Replacement windows can also reduce the wear on your furnace and air conditioner, which will help you save money and improve your home’s energy efficiency. Wood, fiberglass and vinyl windows are all available as energy-efficient options. Since wood is a natural material that has low conductivity, a wooden window frame has very little heat transfer and naturally insulates. Fiberglass windows are capable of withstanding extreme changes in temperature, which makes them a great choice for homes with diverse climates. Lastly, vinyl windows, which are comprised of insulating air chambers, can help to keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

If you like the sound of replacement windows and live near San Francisco, CA, look no further than A-Taylor Made Window.


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