Vinyl vs Wood Windows: Which is Ideal for Your Home?

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The moment you decide to focus on replacement windows in Hercules, CA, you’ll discover that there are two basic kinds: wood and vinyl. There are numerous other styles and materials for windows and you can get them in just about any size or shape you want, but the two most common materials used are wood and vinyl. 

Which is better? That’s really akin to asking someone what type of home they’d prefer: a colonial, ranch, split level, and so on. People have various tastes and preferences, so it’s impossible to truly tell someone what’s best for their home. However, we can denote some of the benefits of each and let you decide. 

It’s best when the customer has the best information at their disposal so they can make the right decision for their family and budget. 


The benefits of wood windows. 

For years, all you would have found when it came to home construction were wood windows. These were the most popular style until a few decades ago when vinyl windows offered a cheaper alternative to wood windows. 

Wood windows provide a more traditional look and feel within the home. When you have vinyl windows installed where you once had wood, you are going to notice the difference. 

Wood has a unique appearance and you can also have your wood windows stained rather than painted, which could be highly beneficial for homes that have a rustic appearance. 

Wood windows can also be sanded down and repainted if you don’t like the color, or you feel you want a change at some point in the future. 


The benefits of vinyl windows. 

Vinyl windows offer some better insulating qualities, which can help save money on utility bills throughout the year, especially with regard to heating and cooling your home. They are also a bit more durable over time, with an average life expectancy of 15 to 20 years. 

They also tend to be lighter weight than wood windows, which can be beneficial for those individuals who would be opening and closing their windows on a regular basis. 

Another advantage of vinyl windows is that if they get scratched, as can happen, the color is mixed throughout the material, so you won’t notice any issues with regard to color. 


Durability considerations. 

When it comes to durability of vinyl and wood windows, you’re going to hear a wide range of opinions. In reality, both types of windows will last for about the same amount of time. The most important aspect when it comes to durability is the construction and quality of the seals and seams that are used. 

If you choose the cheapest windows on the market, you’re simply not going to get the kind of durability you may want or expect. 


Color and renovation. 

As we noted, when you want to change the color or style of your windows, for whatever reason, with vinyl windows you’ll be out of luck. With wood windows, they make renovation much easier. 

Deciding between wood windows or vinyl windows really comes down to practicality for your home and family and how much you budget for them. 


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