Three Reasons Replacement Windows Are the Right Decision for Your Family

Post time: 12:26 am replacement windows in San Francisco, CA

You’re sitting around trying to figure out what projects are important to help improve the look, feel, comfort, or even value of your home. One thing that you may or may not have considered, but that can be incredibly important, are replacement windows. 

Most people have a tendency to avoid replacement windows in San Francisco, CA as a major home improvement projects because they don’t see much value in it. They see the old, dirty, worn out windows, but they aren’t cracked, are opening and closing (for the most part), and performing their job. 

While most people could probably say the same thing about all of the appliances in their old, outdated kitchen, this is one of the first home improvement projects people take on. Why? They see inherent value in it. 

So let’s talk about the three key reasons why replacement windows might very well be an important decision for you and your family. 

They help save money on utility bills.

While living in the San Francisco Bay area means that we don’t have to worry about frigid cold winters and exceptionally hot summers, it doesn’t mean we don’t heat and cool our homes. 

Forty percent of the heat and cool air in your home is usually lost through draft, outdated windows and doors. Consider how much you spend on average per month on your utility bills (for heat and air conditioning) and then calculate 40 percent. That will give you an idea of just how much you could save when you choose the right replacement windows for your home. 

Replacement windows improve the comfort of your home.

Many people have a tendency to keep their basic window treatments closed over their windows when they notice the condition of those particular windows are in poor shape. For example, maybe you purchased your home a few years ago and it was built in the 1970s. For all you know, it still has the original windows in it (because of the condition of those windows). 

As a result, you keep the blinds closed so you don’t have to be reminded of how poor those windows are. If you’ve installed replacement windows (the right kind, of some quality), you’re going to be more inclined to throw open those curtains and blinds and that can make a world of difference for you and your family as far as comfort is concerned. 

Open window treatments let sunlight in and that can add tremendous comfort for everyone in your family. 

The right replacement windows can add value to your home.

Did you know there are about 5 different home improvement projects that can actually help to increase the value of your home? A kitchen renovation is one. Bathroom remodel is another. And yes, replacement windows are another. (Finishing a basement and replacing the roof are the two others). 

Not only could you end up saving money on your utility bills every month with replacement windows, you could also boost the value of your home. Those are some pretty good reasons to consider replacement windows right now. 

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