Signs You Need Replacement Windows

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Because getting replacement windows in El Cerrito, CA is such a large investment, most homeowners put it off as long as possible. What they don’t realize are the hidden costs and dangers of old windows. There are a number of ways your windows will break down, but if you pay attention, you will know when the timing is right for replacement windows. For example, if your windows are: 



Feel a draft when you sit by a certain window? Notice condensation sandwiched between the two panes of glass? These are not good signs. Properly sealed windows should not have any air or water leaks when closed.  


Difficult to Operate 

How easy is it to open and close your windows? Do you have to “rig” them to stay open? You shouldn’t have to wrestle with your window sashes, but this is more than just a simple frustration. If you can’t get your windows open and closed easily, then they are a safety hazard—especially during an emergency.  


Poor Insulators 

One of the hidden costs of old windows is energy loss. You already spend a lot of money keeping your El Cerrito, CA home comfortable. Don’t let those funds fly out the window! With modern manufacturing, replacement windows are more energy efficient than ever before. They will keep your home cool in summer, warm in winter, and even block harmful UV rays.  



Old windows were not produced with safety glass. Not only are they more likely to break, but they also shatter into dangerous shards that can cause major damage to people and property.  


Hard to Clean and Maintain 

Maintenance, especially on old wood frames, is another hidden cost. How long can you afford to keep sanding and refinishing those frames? And how many more times are you going to risk your neck climbing up a rickety ladder to clean the glass? You can get new windows that require little to no maintenance that also have special features that make cleaning a breeze.  



This isn’t something homeowners often think about, but new windows can insulate against more than just heat. They can also cut down on unwanted noise. If you live by an airport or busy street in El Cerrito, CA with a lot of noise, you might want to think about replacement windows.  


Not Secure 

Broken latches and locks are another major concern. You do not want to give any intruders easy access to your home! You want locks and latches that work and are built to last.  



Wear and tear is bound to happen over time and your windows will start to break down. They might warp, rust, crack, break, or chip. Nothing ruins the curb appeal of a home like damaged, worn out windows.  


Choosing A-Taylor Made for Replacement Windows 

Getting replacement windows is a big investment, not something you want to leave to just anybody. You want the job done right the first time. That is why you should rely on our experts at A-Taylor Made Window. Call us today at 510-559-5530 or come by our showroom at 5327 Jacuzzi St. #5E, Richmond, CA 94804 for more information.  


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