Finding Ideal Replacement Windows near San Francisco, CA

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The choice to replace old windows can not only enhance your home’s appearance, but also make it quieter and less drafty. The main issue, however, is narrowing down your options and trying to determine what kind of new windows you plan to install. You will need to consider a few factors to make sure that your new, updated windows blend into your already existing home while also functioning as intended. A major contributing factor to this is professional installation, especially if you have an older home where your window frames may have shifted over time and are no longer squared off on the corners. You should consider the following information if you are planning to get replacement windows near San Francisco, CA.

Frame Materials

Windows made of solid wood are becoming increasingly less common on the market, and people are instead gravitating towards wood-look vinyl windows. They are also flocking to wood-look composite frames can be made of fiberglass, or a combination of wood and plastic. There are three types of frames to consider:

  • Wood – Window frames made of solid wood. Their exterior is covered with either aluminum or vinyl to protect against the elements and reduce maintenance, and will not need to be repainted. There is a variety of hardware finishes you can choose from, which allows you to find a style that matches your home.
  • VinylFrames made of vinyl, they are usually the least expensive and don’t have to be painted or stained. Vinyl frames are typically white and most cannot be painted, so make sure to remember this if you plan on coordinating your windows with the color of the paint on the outside. There are not as many options for vinyl frames.
  • Composite – Composite frames are made of fiberglass or a combination of materials, and do not have to be painted or stained in most cases. They may have parts made of both solid and laminated wood, or plastic with embedded wood fibers. Typically, the combination is used to give the appearance of a solid wood window, while also trying to make the underlying structure more stable than that of solid wood. Placing fiberglass needles in plastic, which makes them stronger and stiffer than vinyl, makes fiberglass windows.

Window Types

There are even more options to consider among the types of windows available. Listed below is a few which describe their differences and unique properties.

  • Double-hung – The most common type of window in homes built in the 1980’s and onward. The lower inside sash and upper outside sash sliding in opposite directions improves air circulation and makes full screens ideal. Double-hung windows are easy to clean and a good choice if you are going to install an air conditioner.
  • Casement-style – Provide an unobstructed view and are hinged on one side, with a crank that allows them to open outward. They allow good ventilation when fully open and are easy to clean. While casement-style tend to be more airtight than double-hung windows, air conditioners cannot be installed in them.
  • Fixed – Fixed windows are airtight and available in many shapes and decorative glass accents. They are used in areas where lighting is important, but not ventilation.
  • Single-hung – Only the bottom sash can be moved, and they usually cost less because of this. The top one is sealed to keep cold air and water out.

replacement windows near San Francisco CA

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