Virginia C.

Post time: 1:25 pm

We were very impressed with the installation crew. They were diligent workers. The experience was pleasant, from Steve to Cathy to the crew. Beautiful workmanship.

Tom P.

Post time: 1:24 pm

I am very impressed with your company. Your professional approach to the planning and administration of my window and door replacement was excellent. Your employees were very efficient, responsible, careful, and responsive to any special requests I made of them. Several other owners in the building have commented on how efficient your people were, and they are thinking of having you bid on their window replacement. I will certainly actively recommend your company to anyone I hear of wanting their windows replaced.

Frank K.

Post time: 1:22 pm

We are quite happy with the quality of your installers and their workmanship. Their attention to details was excellent. We didn’t realize how much labor-intensive finishing was required. The job supervisor periodically checked and inspected the work of each of the other workers. He also instructed both of us on the operation of the features of the windows and doors, such as secure locking. He even instructed us on how to fill out, address and stamp the warranty card to be returned to Simonton; very thorough worker. All workers were quite meticulous in finishing the windows (cutting to exact fit, caulking carefully and wiping excesses, washing the windows inside and outside). And when everything was finished, they cleaned up after themselves, vacuuming in the house and sweeping and washing the deck. Good workers!!!

Richard B.

Post time: 1:21 pm

Excellent in all respects. Windows look like they were originally designed for the house. Installers were pros, on top of everything.

Becky G.

Post time: 1:20 pm

Your crew did a great job — on time, worked very hard. Cleaned up [after] themselves, polite and professional! They were great to work with — answered all questions, professional, personable, honest. Cathy was a joy to work with, and Steve came out to answer last-minute questions. Great guy.

Margret E.

Post time: 1:20 pm

I really appreciate talking with Cathy on the phone. I enjoy her consistency, follow-through, and friendly voice and manner. Also for the rest of the staff — it is really great to work with the same people over many years.

Russ M.

Post time: 1:19 pm

The a-TaylorMade Window installers were very professional in their work and knew their products, tools and equipment. We enjoyed having them around during the installation process. Great ambassadors for your company.

Kim F.

Post time: 1:18 pm

Love your team. The whole crew has been professional, courteous, prompt, knowledgeable, and just downright nice. We had a few things they needed to come back to fix, and they were happy to do. So happy we went with you guys.

Hilary T.

Post time: 1:18 pm

The installation crew was very courteous and clean. They were very considerate, especially with children.

Penny W.

Post time: 1:17 pm

Fast and fabulous, as usual.


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